How to make Neem Cream

When it comes to protecting the human race from alien-like insects, especially malarial mosquitoes, the Neem plant can be regarded as our Nature’s own Green Lantern.

Neem’s insect repellent action is not similar to that of “Mortein” or “All Out”, which are basically a poison ( On a long term, to us also). Neem is more benign, in a way. It get’s into their head does some serious neural tinkering and makes them go crazy mad.

Among all neem products, Neem Cream is the easiest to make.

Here’s a demonstration by some of womenfolk living near Juinagar Station, Navi Mumbai.

Total TIme: 1 hr


1) Neem leaves : About 5 branches ( 200 leaves)

2) Water : 1 litre

3) Coconut oil : 30 ml

4) Vaseline / Moisturizer : 20 g

5) Soap ( Perferably Margo/Hamam) : 3 ( 100-150 g)


1) Boil neem leaves in water for 15 min until the color of the water becomes green. Filter the leaves out and let them dry separately.






2) Grate the soap pieces into fine strips using a vegetable cutter and add to the boiling water solution gradually.

3) Also keep adding coconut oil to the solution.








4) Keep on adding and stirring till more than half of the water is evaporated.




5) Finally turn of the heat, add Vaseline and mix well.


6) Let the solution cool down…


and viola…the Cream is ready!


We we able to get about 400 ml of cream with aforesaid ingredients. The cream was indeed effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay.

It is safe to use, good for skin, especially for toddlers and babies, and it smells good too!

Anyone who’s interested in joining:

In fact we are setting up a small scale cottage industry, and it is a well established model for women employment in rural areas. Any Angel investors/individuals interested in giving us a push, you are most welcome. I believe this can be implemented in urban slums as well, where mosquitoes play havoc during and after monsoons.

Since the main aim is about making the idea and the product spread freely and reach as many people as possible,  it is a free project, no patents and copyrights, so feel free to repeat, establish your own cottage and workforce, modify the process if needed and please share your knowledge and spread the message.








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